Monday, January 23, 2006

[03.30 GMT] Doing this work 'makes risks worth taking' By Bill Baldwin (Anglican Journal, Canada) - "In 1984, Ron Sider, a Mennonite, speaking to an international Mennonite conference in Strasbourg, France, challenged those who believe in peace to have the same commitment and be willing to take some of the same risks as those who go to war. [Dr] Sider’s vision led, a year later, to the birth of Christian Pecaemaker Teams, an ecumenical Christian community which goes into places where there is violence and tries to get in the way. In a world where we speak of a war on terror and often seem to believe that our security depends on destroying others, CPT seeks to model a different way of doing things. The CPTers who have been captured in Baghdad continue to do this, even in their captivity." [Pic: James Loney]. Women have become new bargaining chips in Iraq (Taipei Times, Taiwan); Kenya : Anxiety grips Iraq hostage's family (African News Dimension, South Africa); Hunt for reporter highlights dilemma in Iraq (Herald News Daily, ND, USA).

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