Sunday, January 08, 2006

[12.00 GMT] LATEST - Muslim envoy may return to Iraq for CPT four (Ekklesia, EK) Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Broadcasting House programme this morning, Muslim Association of Britain envoy Anas Altikriti has said that he is considering returning to Iraq to negotiate further on behalf of Dr Norman Kember and three other Christian peace workers held captive there since November 2005.

Mr Altikriti, who was born in Iraq himself and has been active in the anti-war movement, went to the country in December 2005 to seek the release of the men – who have received unprecedented support from Muslims across the world. He was speaking after yesterday’s vigils for Norman Kember in Birmingham and London.

Along with Pax Christi general secretary Pat Gaffney, Mr Altikriti lamented lack of recent attention to the Iraq hostages in the mainstream media. Continued here in full.

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