Saturday, January 07, 2006

[11.45 GMT] The vigil for Norman Kember and the four CPT captives in Iraq is underway in Birmingham. The London vigil in Trafalgar Square starts at 15.00 GMT. People are encouraged to join in where they are. Pat Kember's message calling for his release has been syndicated across the Muslim world in Arabic (pic). Meanwhile: Iraq Violence May Provoke Shiite Backlash (Sarasota Herald-Tribune, FL, USA); and Female US journalist kidnapped in Baghdad (Malaysia Star, Malaysia, and Reuters syndication. Details emerging). "Unknown gunmen kidnapped a female U.S. journalist in Baghdad on Saturday after shooting dead her driver, police said. They said she had been on her way to a meeting with a Sunni Arab leader when she was kidnapped in the Adel district near Malik bin Anas mosque in west Baghdad. Immediately after the incident, American and Iraqi troops sealed off the area, witnesses said."

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