Tuesday, January 31, 2006

[21.30 GMT] Updates - Latest Christian Peacemaker Teams press release (*.PDF format); Freethecaptivesnow site: "Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Jill Carroll, the captive US journalist who appeared in a newly-released video, veiled and weeping, pleading for her life. To her captors we say, Release her! And to the captors of the CPT workers, we say, Release them also! No cause, no religion will be served by harming or continuing to hold them." Father of Iraq hostage pleads for son's release (Globe and Mail, Canada); Canadian hostage's father appears on Al-Jazeera (CTV.ca, Canada); Iraq Churches Attacked Again (ChristianityToday.com, IL, USA); Hostage relatives thankful (Winnipeg Sun, Canada); Palestinians appeal for the release of CPT hostages (World War 4 Report, NY, USA); Video of kidnapped Christian activists stokes hope (Associated Baptist Press, FL, USA); Vigil held for Iraq hostages (Toronto Sun, Canada); Timeline: Norman Kember abduction (BBC News, UK ); Children's BBC newsround (audio report). From Reuters: Sectarian tensions on the rise.

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