Sunday, February 05, 2006

[01.00 GMT] News updates - Security forces round up 60 people in crackdowns (The Register-Guard, Oregon, USA); A Letter to Neocons (, Pakistan); 'Arrested men' killed in Baghdad (BBC News, UK); Occupation troops involved in antiquities smuggling - official (, Iraq); Iraq MediaNet TV political programming; $US439.3 billion sought for next U.S. defense budget (Reuters). Practical ideas - from Freethecaptivesnow: 1. Hold a public vigil or prayer service focused on the call, expressed in your own words, to release the captives, end the occupation and stop torture. Invite the media to attend and report on your action. 2. Launching Peacemaker Prayer & Action: If you are part of a group or church with a peace and justice emphasis, ask them to join this effort in whatever public way is appropriate to their polity. 3. Sign the Petition* Arabic Petition Site* AOL users can sign this petition using a browser that supports web standards, such as Internet Explorer or Netscape. 4. Write to newspapers, call in to radio shows, and tell them of the innocence of these men and your support for their immediate release. 5. Send emails to the feedback pages of major international media sites, especially in the Gulf region, repeating the call to free the captives. Here are some links: Aljazeera, Al Arabiya, Emirates Today,, Khaleej Times, 7 Days, Lebaneese Broadcasting Corporation, and MBC.

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