Friday, February 03, 2006

[07.30 GMT] Vigil for Iraq hostage (Biggleswade Today, UK); Kidnapping Hits Close to Home (Springfield Connection, VA); Last-chance warning, prayers for kidnapped Christian activists in Iraq (The Catholic Register); Shine the Light: Justice for Iraqi Detainees, (Christian Peacemaker Teams - media release, with a photo from the US Consulate in Toronto; Shine the Light photo gallery (CPT, 15 to 29 January 2006); 15,000 Faithful Americans' Step Up Call To Release of Captured Christian Peacemakers (National Council of Churches, USA); More prayers for Canadian hostages: New threat looms for captives in Iraq (Canadian Press); Statement regarding the two-month anniversary of four CPTers going missing in Iraq (CPT); Helen Clark urges captors to release Sooden (, New Zealand andf numereous NZ outlets); Family shocked at condition of Sooden (, New Zealand). Support continues for Norman Kember, Tom Fox, Harmeet Singh Sooden and Jim Loney throughout the Middle East [pic AP].

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