Friday, February 10, 2006

[14.00 GMT] New Jill Carroll Video Airs: "I Am Fine" (Editor and Publisher, USA); Sunni Mosque Leader Kidnapped in Baghdad (AP). Sacred and profane. By Alain Woodrow (The Tablet, UK) - a sane perspective on the cartoon controversy from the leading Catholic weekly's correspondent in France. I appreciated the following: “In a secular Republic nothing is sacred,” says an influential member of the Protestant Federation. “Neither the image of the prophet of Islam nor that of the Last Supper is sacred. That is how to distinguish religion, which produces the sacred, from faith, which does not.” The editor of the Protestant weekly Réforme went even further: “Christ does not belong to us,” he said. “We do not have exclusive rights over his image. Believers who love Christ should not worry about those who ridicule him. We are called to be his witnesses, not his defenders.” See also: Muslim Leaders Urge Calm Over Cartoons (Associated Press); Muslims call for level playing field (Ekklesia, UK); EU commissioner urges European press code on religion (Daily Telegraph, UK); Muslim Americans split on cartoons (Christian Science Monitor, USA).

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