Saturday, February 18, 2006

[18.10 GMT] Apocalypse Now? Reflections on faith in a time of terror (The Tablet, UK). A review of two timely books by Duncan Forrester and Colin Morris, both people for whom I have a good deal of respect. Forrester is a political hard-head who also understands what is at stake in Christian ethics - and that it has to deal with, but cannot be circumscribed by, a narrow kind of "realism". [He] pits the modern world of states against the Gospel Church, which also lived in a time of terror, proclaiming an apocalyptic vision of “a coming order of peace, justice and love”, exemplified in its fellowships. He quotes the third-century theologian Tertullian: “Nothing is more foreign to us than the state. One state we know, of which all are citizens.” Forrester insists that Gospel politics is about “the transfiguration of politics by the rule of the Lamb that has been slain, and is now, despite appearances, on the throne”.
See also: Police alert for Muslim rally at Trafalgar Square ( UK edition, India).

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