Sunday, November 25, 2007


My esteemed colleague, friend and Ekklesia co-director is caught with a Tory parliamentarian, an ex-C of E chieftain and the atheist's rhetorical guru on TV today. Jonathan Bartley debates with Ann Widdecombe MP, Lord George Carey (former Archbishop of Canterbury) and Professor Richard Dawkins and his God delusions on BBC1's The Big Questions today at 10.00am. Almost worth missing church for. Yup, Jon does telegenic far better than I could hope to. I do some radio stuff and the (very) odd snatch of TV, but I'm far more comfortable writing, speaking and conferring. If soundbites are an art-form I'm more a graffiti artist than an old master, for sure. Go, Jonathan.

Postscript: Lord Carey of Clifton backed Ekklesia's call for an end to the UK blasphemy law on the programme. It is understood that representations about the issue will now be made to current Archbishop Rowan Williams on the issue.

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