Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Following Rowan Williams' comments about the Afghan and Iraq conflicts in the light of Just War theory, I made a response on behalf of Ekklesia yesterday, drawing attention to the limits of that particular paradigm and the opportunity for steps in the direction of "creative nonviolence". This relates to a book I have been writing which is due in Spring next year, from Darton, Longman and Todd: Threatened With Resurrection: The Difficult Peace of Christ (2008).

The initial publisher's blurb says: "Threatened With Resurrection examines the traditional stand-off between ‘just-war’ theory and pacifism, and offers a radical alternative rooted in the Gospel. Simon Barrow explains why saying no to ‘war in God's name’ is a serious threat to those (both religious and non-religious) who persist in justifying the use of political violence. He presents a serious and vividly illustrated case for a major shift in mainstream Christian understanding — one which signals fresh hope for all those who have come to see in religion the problem not the solution." Due Mar 2008. ISBN: 9780232527247 (2008) Full cover image (pop-up). 144pp. £11.95 [Also by me, from Metanoia - plus this, on theological education]


Jane said...

Simon the book sounds really interesting. I've always been a great fan of Julia Esquivel's threat of resurrection - I think there's a translation of it in Janet Morley's Bread of Tomorrow. Threatened with resurrection is a theme I've often returned to in Easter time sermons - interestingly it translates as "menace" into French, which sounds perhaps more ominous.
Anyway will see what we can do to get the book reviewed in ecumenical review - have been writing and reading less myself over past weeks as we try to meet print deadlines. Maybe once that's done I'll have a chance to sit and ponder about whether some Western Christian preaching isn't losing itself in poetry rather than earthing itself in life.
Just realised that being threatened with resurrection was one theme of the sermon I preached at my father's funeral. Oh dear perhaps it's my only Easter sermon, so I must need to read your book in order to renew my theology.
Anyway all the best

Anonymous said...

Simon, just wondering if it will eventually make over to Canada, through Amazon.ca...looks intersting, and very timely. Peace, Ron+

Simon Barrow said...

Thank you, both. :)