Thursday, November 29, 2007


A little money can go a long way. That's the idea behind people-oriented microfinance for community business initiatives enabling people to make change and combat poverty.
Oikocredit is a socially responsible investment opportunity promoting global justice by converting investments into credits. It aims for high social impact and sustainable development. Individuals and churches can invest in the scheme, which was originally established by the WCC. In the UK, Oikocredit is establishing a new base of operation. It has worked in cooperation with Shared Interest. Now the website gives you information about how to invest in UK pounds. You can download a UK prospectus and application form and also get information about projects which show how the money is used. You can be assured your pounds will be invested well because Oikocredit is a cooperative controlled by its own members. If you have questions, please contact the Oikocredit UK Representative, or your local support association. This is an imaginative and practical way of investing in a different, fairer future. Oikocredit already has 27,000 investors worldwide, and needs more, especially in Britain.

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Microfinance is an important subject. It's good that you covered it.

One way that all religious people can help to improve the lot of everyone though is for them to also direct their savings and investments towards ethical investing.

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