Saturday, June 25, 2005


Still no definite news, as far as I can determine, concerning the long-awaited upcoming 'God' book from David Tracy, based on his 1999/2000 Gifford Lectures, which look fascinating. Unfortunately I was otherwise engaged at the time. He produced a good interview with the left-field Mennonite scholar Scott Holland for the excellent Crosscurrents journal back in 2002, called This Side of God.

Tracy's post-metaphysical turn is also documented in a foreword to the English edition of Jean-Luc Marion's stirring God Beyond Being, and in an article called Form & Fragment: The Recovery of the Hidden and Incomprehensible God. In it he argues for a fresh development of both mystical and prophetic nerve, recognising that "modern theology has marginalized two traditions: the realism of the cross which acknowledges God's hiddenness, and apophatic theology, which displays God's incomprehensibility."

William R. Long offers a thoughtful response to hearing a recent David Tracy lecture on Fragments of Faith at Willamette University, under the auspices of the religion department, here.

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