Friday, March 28, 2008


A quick broadsheet newspaper round-up as I head for colder climes. First, a good Guardian piece from Seamus Milne (Religion is now a potential ally of radical social change), and a predictable set of uncomprehending responses. See also theologian Philip Blond (who is about to publish a book intriguingly called Red Tory) on The end of capitalism as we know it? in The Independent. Meanwhile, the Times has a story about an odd evangelical Christian financial service that "does not 'draw the ethical line'," but rather seeks to promote the party line. Then again, the Telegraph illustrates the unsustainable nature of a frankly unjust Act of Settlement in Britain, but somehow suggests that the nation's "fragile unity" depends upon it. Go figure. (Last but not least, a vicar finds a big financial hole in Channel 4 TV game show 'Deal or No Deal'.)

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