Wednesday, March 19, 2008


The BBC1 drama programmes depicting The Passion (concluding on Easter Sunday) have elicited some contrasting reactions. Nothing unusual in that, obviously, but they nonetheless invite us to reflect on the relationship between the viewer and the viewed - and they are indicative of the way the climate about religion is going, with more and less, well, passion. More on my latest Wardman Wire column, Getting cross and bothered. One additional comment: when I merrily suggested that Channel 4 hadn't got some daft, publicity-seeking Easter documentary on this year I was technically right. But they have, it should be noted, unveiled The Secrets of the Twelve Disciples, which looks as if it's going to be a right mess.

The presenter is Robert Beckford (pictured), who has already done a couple of other pot boilers (on the Bible and Jesus' family)... as well as a creditable documentary on slavery, work with Christian Aid and Pressureworks, and a couple of stimulating books on Black Christianity. I can't help feeling that he's stretching the theologian moniker a tad too far in the direction of tabloid telly with some of this stuff though. He says, attempting to be charitable.

(Now for a bit of light, but not un-serious, relief... try another dose of The Ongoing Adventures of ASBO Jesus.)

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