Thursday, March 06, 2008


I interviewed Nick Clegg, the new Liberal Democrat leader (pictured), for 45 minutes on Monday. (Right now he's licking his wounds from a mauling over the Euro referendum issue, of course). He came across as a decent and thoughtful man. I can't say much about the exchange at this juncture, as Third Way, the Christian social comment monthly, will be publishing Q&A excerpts as the 'High Profile' feature, probably in their May issue. However, as a trailer, I have today done my fortnightly Wardman Wire 'Thinking Aloud' column on an issue related to Clegg's personal convictions, the matter of politicians doing or not doing God. In addition, I write the monthly 'Westminster watch' column for Third Way - which is about to re-launch with a snazzy new design. See also the earlier Ekklesia pieces: Subverting the manifestos (around the time of the last general election) and God and the politicians.

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