Friday, March 14, 2008


I am honoured to be chairing and facilitating an inter-faith meeting in Central London tomorrow (15 March 2008) looking at responses to British involvement in the war, occupation and its aftermath in Iraq. Among the speakers will be Phil Shiner, a leading lawyer (also a Christian as it happens, and the Law Society's current 'solicitor of the year') who has jointly represented survivors of an appalling massacre at Abu Naji in 2004; Mazin Younis, who heads up an Iraqi unity coalition and helped rescue a young orphan from Fallujah; and David Moore, a Methodist minister and artist. There is more information here and here. (Incidentally, and since I have already been cross-questioned about this: yes, of course I deplore the sectarian killing and violence by the various factions in Iraq, and those fuelling them from the outside. But the collusion of the West with Saddam Hussein's murderous regime and the subsequent decision to launch an invasion without real thought about the laws of unintended consequences, planning for the future or willingness to accept the moral and legal scrutiny of what developed have hardly proved an adequate 'answer' to the terrible wrongs that preceded them.)

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