Monday, March 10, 2008


Many, many congratulations to Roberta Rominger, who has just been announced as the next general secretary of the United Reformed Church. She is a very good person (and I hope the fact that I say this doesn't undermine her!) and will guide the URC with a thoughtful, creative and gently firm touch, I am sure. Not that I would unambiguously wish church leadership positions on anyone I care for right now. It's a difficult time both internally and externally. But on the Free Church front (remember non-conformity, anyone?), having Roberta at the URC and Martyn Atkins, current president, moving into a similar position at the Methodist Church is very good news indeed. Both need support, encouragement, honesty, constructive criticism and prayer from those of us operating at the margins, as well as those within the institutions. They will, of course, seek to steer their ships securely, but they both understand that the way forward in a turbulent, dare I say post-Christendom, environment comes through discipleship not safety first. Anyway, go gal! And listen to these two people, not just your policy wonks, Rowan.

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