Friday, March 24, 2006

[09.15 GMT] Gene Stoltzfus, the founder of Christian Peacemaker Teams, has written a column called Blessed are the peacemakers (Ekklesia, UK) which argues that churches need to look at more radical options in this area. I'm honoured that he quotes my press statement from yesterday. Gene goes on to say: Can we work to answer the question, how should Christian peacemakers place themselves into difficult situations where terrorism is rampant? Is there a more disciplined way in which peacemaker work might function more effectively in our congregation to overcome terrorism and war? These are the two questions I bring to [the famous] words from Matthew 5. 9-15. You are invited to ask your own questions from your situation remembering that our answers have everything to do with the future of our children, our youth and students, our family life and retired people. Also on Ekklesia this morning: Questions asked about intelligence that preceded Christian peacemaker's release.
[Pic: Gene Stoltzfus. His CPT biographical note is here. And he has a weblog called, appropriately enough, Peace Talk.]

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