Monday, March 27, 2006


Leading church aid agency defends Norman Kember's integrity (Ekklesia, UK).

Supporters and staff of the widely-respected international development agency Christian Aid have welcomed the release of peace activist Dr Norman Kember who was taken hostage in Iraq 17 weeks ago. And those associated with the agency who know the Christian Peacemaker Teams volunteer have testified to his dedication, responsibility and intellectual rigour – in the face of widespread media slurs which friends say have unsettled the 74-year-old retired medical professor. CONTINUED.

Also today: letters in support of CPT in The Times and The Daily Telegraph. However, neither The Times nor The Sun (both owned by global media baron Rupert Murdoch) have so far seen fit to correct misleading reports which wrongly suggested that CPT and Dr Kember had not thanked his rescuers. Indeed The Times has repeated it in its 'Forum'. Neither paper has acknowledged nor responded to requests for corrections and complaints so far.

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