Thursday, March 23, 2006

[10.30 GMT] MORE ON NORMAN KEMBER'S RELEASE: British hostage Kember freed in Iraq rescue; Peacemaker who wanted to help (BBC News, UK); Indian-origin hostage freed in Iraq (Sify, India); Retired professor 'harmless as a dove' (, United Kingdom); UK 'delighted' at hostage release (ePolitix, UK); . Ihtisham Hibatullah, a spokesperson for Anas Tikriti, the envoy to Iraq at the Muslim Association of Britain, said on Thursday they were "very relieved" that Mr Kember and his colleagues were alive, and that it was fantastic news for their families. FinS comment to the BBC - "This is the good news many of us prayed and worked for but perhaps never dared to believe. Many will call them foolish, but Christian Peacemaker Teams remain committed to Iraq, and to nonviolent witness against the dismal cycles of violence that threaten the future of Iraq - and the world." Add your comments here.

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