Sunday, March 12, 2006

[23.45 GMT] US in talks to close Guantanamo Bay and Christian peacemakers warn against demonisation following death of Tom Fox (Ekklesia, UK); Iraq peace activists morn Tom Fox's death (CathNews, Australia); Friends Remember Slain American Hostage (KFMB, CA, USA); Family ignore torture claims (New Zealand Herald, New Zealand); Iraq: The reckoning (Bay Area Indymedia, CA, USA); Hostage negotiator disappears (Times Online, UK) - a repeat of the dispute story first circulated by the Toronto Star last year. It was contested by CPT and by Ekklesia. The Star declined to respond to questions about their sources. The torture allegations relating to Tom Fox are also unsubstantiated at the moment. Informed observers are relectant to either feed or draw upon the active Baghdad rumour-mill at present. Meanwhile, St George's Anglican Church in the Iraqi capital is seeking assistance with its building project. The appeal is being circulated by, among others, Bishop Michael Langrish of Exeter.

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