Thursday, March 23, 2006

[15.30 GMT] 'Right to go' Peace campaigner Bruce Kent supports Norman Kember's decision to go to Iraq; Hostage release 'is bitter-sweet' ; Full text: Straw statement ; In quotes: Delight and relief (all BBC News, UK). Christian Peacemakers delighted (Montreal Gazette, Canada). Norman Kember [pic] has issued a brief statement from the British Embassy in Iraq, saying that he is safe, grateful to be free, and looking forward to being reunited with family and friends in the UK. Meanwhile, at simultaneous press conferences in Canada and the US, Christian Peacemaker Teams have called for an end to the military occupation of Iraq. In London, Tim Nafziger of CPT (who is also an associate of the Anabaptist Network and Ekklesia), has said: "Some of the grief and pain we have been through is something that is a daily thing for Iraqis. So many lives have been lost and they don't necessarily make the national news."

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