Thursday, March 23, 2006

[14.45 GMT] Listen again to the CPT release news story on BBC Radio 4 - interviews with Peggy Gish of Christian Peacemaker Teams, Canon Andrew White and the Rev Rob Frost. Plus an excerpt from Norman Kember's Premier Radio talk before he went to Iraq. (Related news stories and links below). Latest TV report (BBC). How Iraq hostages were freed (BBC); Hostage Kember is freed in SAS raid (, UK); Canadian hostages freed in covert raid in Iraq (Globe and Mail, Canada); Blast hits Iraq anti-terror unit (BBC News, UK). Christian peace group calls for end to Iraq occupation (Ireland Online, Ireland); Christian peacemakers delighted at release and Hostages in good condition (Edmonton Journal, Canada) - just in from the CPT press conference in Toronto this afternoon. Also from Ireland Online today: 13:45:54 - 'No shots fired' in hostage freeing 13:14:25 - At least 35 Iraqis killed in bomb attacks 11:33:05 - Army dog-handler jailed for Abu Ghraib abuse 10:05:40 - Attacks in Iraqi capital kill at least 19 09:48:32 - British and Canadian hostages freed in Iraq 08:16:02 - Roadside bombs kill five in central Iraq 07:43:00 - Thousands of Shiites march to Baghdad shrine

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