Friday, March 24, 2006


Think tank questions 'ungrateful peacemakers' media allegations (Ekklesia, UK) - "The UK religious think tank Ekklesia has responded to continuing media criticism of Christian Peacemaker Teams for alleged ingratitude towards those who freed Norman Kember and two Canadian colleagues yesterday, and for the supposed irresponsibility of its actions in Iraq. Speaking to Channel 4 News in the UK, Ekklesia director Jonathan Bartley explained why accusations that the CPT hostages had exposed their rescuers to danger were inaccurate. The organisation’s workers in Iraq had explicitly told thee authorities that in the event of capture they did not wish to be freed by military action, he said." Continued here, with attention to CPT strategy, its long-term commitment in Iraq, human rights, Abu Ghraib, and the bringing together of Sunnis and Shias in a Muslim Peacemakers Team. See also: Contending the logic of violence (Simon Barrow).

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