Thursday, March 30, 2006

[09.40 GMT] More updates and weblinks on the aftermath of the relase of Norman Kember and his CPT colleagues later this evening. This is just an interim note to give a flavour of what's going on. Yesterday Bruce Kent (rather than Tim Nafziger) appeared on BBC Radio 4's 'The Moral Maze' to defend Christian peace-making work against a range of intemperate and largely inaccurate criticisms still in media circulation. But the story also seems to be turning in a more favourable direction in some quarters, as reflection starts to take over from knee-jerk pontificating. The curious story of the captives being shown a Jesus DVD in Arabic has done the rounds of the newspapers and agencies. Few (the Guardian is one notable exception) have picked up the point that Jonathan Bartley made - which is that this begins to tell us something significant about how the CPTers handled their captors and the situation as a whole. Would they still be alive without their training in nonviolence and their commitment to love of enemies? Yesterday evening, in London's Trafalgar Square, the final vigil took place to give thanks for the freeing of the CPT hostages - with some awareness that this is but a small sign of hope in the midst of a tragic vortex of violence and injustice unfolding in Iraq in the terrible wake of years of dictatorship and then the invasion.

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