Saturday, March 25, 2006


Norman Kember returns home to cheers and also smears (Ekklesia, UK); Freed Iraq hostage Kember back in Britain and Kember thanks military rescuers (Reuters, UK); Freed Kember thanks rescuers (BBC News, UK, inc video clip). The Rev Bob Gardiner, of Harrow Baptist Church, said: "We are grateful to the British government for its close co-operation with myself and the Kember family since Norman was kidnapped in November. We were impressed by the sensitivity with which it responded to our concerns about any possible use of force in any rescue attempt. We are thankful for the way in which they honoured their promises to intervene only when there was a considerable degree of assurance that there would be no loss of life. We are also grateful for the compassionate way in which Pat Kember in particular was guided and protected, encouraged and kept up to date during the period of Norman's captivity and the kindness shown by those in direct contact with her."

[Also on Ekklesia: Think tank questions 'ungrateful peacemakers' media allegations (24/03/06); Press briefing on released Christian Peacemakers (23/03/06); news updates on FaithInSociety; Contending the logic of violence (24/03/06) - Simon Barrow says that true Christian peacemaking cannot afford naivete; Churches urged to consider more radical peacemaking following Iraq hostage release (24/03/06); Questions asked about intelligence that preceded Christian peacemaker's release (24/03/06); Nonviolent release for Christian peacemakers (23/03/06); Press briefing on released Christian Peacemakers (23/03/06); Christians defend Iraq nonviolence tactics against critics (23/03/06); Christians urge love of enemies in face of hostage crisis (23/03/06); Joy as Christian Peacemakers are freed in Iraq (23/03/06). Exploring Christianity and violence - meeting in London on 30 March 2006]

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