Monday, March 27, 2006


Briefing on media accusations against Christian Peacemaker Teams (Ekklesia, UK, 27/03/06).

Since Christian peace activist Norman Kember returned to Britain on 23 March 2006, following four months of captivity in Iraq, numerous media outlets have printed hostile, inaccurate, poorly researched and sometimes vitriolic accusations against him and his colleagues. Ekklesia, the respected UK religious think tank, which has also developed a fruitful exchange relationship with Christian Peacemaker Teams in the UK, has been covering the story of the hostages and their release in detail since its inception.

We have produced well over a hundred news stories and several briefings, as well as commenting to the media in the UK and internationally. What follows is a rehearsal of the most common allegations followed by straightforward responses to them. The intention is not to go into detail (that is available elsewhere on or to speak on behalf of CPT, but to clarify from Ekklesia’s perspective those major misconceptions which are in danger of being received as ‘facts’ in some quarters. The concern is to seek the truth of the situation and present information which, in spite of being made available to media sources, is still overlooked. FULL BRIEFING HERE.

Your help in making this briefing available and circulating it widely to friends, contacts, media outlets and organisations you are in touch with would be gratefully appreciated. (Simon Barrow & Jonathan Bartley)

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