Monday, March 27, 2006


++STOP PRESS++ Speaking on the BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine Show today, leading counter-terrorism and security analyst Colonel Mike Dewar (pictured) - under questioning from Ekklesia director Jonathan Bartley - denied that Christian Peacemaker Teams in Iraq had imperilled soldiers' lives, and said that the activists had every right to be there. This blatantly contradicts widespread accusations against CPT in the media over the past 48 hours. Commentators and political opponents have been suggesting that the rescue actions taken by the military (against the expressed wishes of CPT, who work with diplomats but not the army) risked the lives of personnel on the ground. CPT disavows armed protection both as matter of principle, and to avoid others being imperilled by their actions. It has contested these claims, and now has backing from a senior military figure. You can hear the programme and the debate on the internet by going to this website and clicking on 'Listen again' + 'Monday'. More on this story later today. [See also the Vine show message board on the peacemakers and Iraq.]

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