Saturday, August 13, 2005


In my experience, most cartoons in Christian publications are, to use a technical theological term, rubbish. An exception is the post-St Gargoyles Church Times strip by Dave Walker, whose po-mo irony may well be lost on some of its more staid readership. But not on you, I'm sure. Try his fabulous satire on the Windsor Report, for a start. Then immerse yourself in the wibsite.

Another long-standing (and widely syndicated) favourite of mine is Pontius' Puddle, by Mennonite artist and humourist Joel Kaufman. It's mainstream enough to connect with regular churchgoing audiences, and subsversive enough to get under their skin without overwhelming them with irritation. The tiny example on the left is for promotional purposes only... for as Joel himself says:

Notice! all the cartoons in this web site are copyrighted (though some shouldn't be) and may not be reproduced by any means, electronic or mechanical (memorizing and shouting the captions from a soapbox, however, is encouraged) without permission. Failure to heed this warning could invite legal action and a case of unsightly warts.

(And, as a footnote for the literally minded, I should add that God is not, contrary to popular rumour, a big bloke in the sky.)

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