Tuesday, December 20, 2005

[01.20 GMT] 'Hope' for British hostage in Iraq (Scotsman, United Kingdom) - comment from Anas Altikriti, the Muslim envoy; Four women are shot dead in Iraq (Gulf Daily News, Bahrain); Friends of Christian hostages oppose military rescue operation (BosNewsLife, Hungary) - a subscription-only service, unfortunately, though the CPT site has for some time carried a statement to that effect; On Iraq and the Anishinaabe, by Jim Loney (David Helwig, SooToday.com, from 11/12/05); Christians, Muslims Continue to Pray for Captured Peacemakers (ChristianToday, UK/Korea); Two years of American occupation of Iraq: a dismal scorecard (Milli Gazette, India); Concern expressed for Assyrian Christians in Iraq (Ekklesia). Cynthia Tucker: "For all his rhetoric about planting the seeds of democracy in the Middle East, Bush has no great appreciation for it here at home. Why should theocrats abroad heed his message when theocrats here appear to be running the place?"

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