Wednesday, December 21, 2005

[01.00 GMT] READER INFORMATION. For the past five days FinS has provided links and supplementary information for those following the CPT Iraq captive situation on Ekklesia and elswhere. This will continue until 23 December 2005.
International non-violence conference (supported by a range of NGO and faith groups, 27-30 December 2005 in Bethlehem). Related to the story yesterday about refusal of visas. What's at stake in the torture debate? By Anne-Marie Slaughter (TPMCafe); The courage of peacemaking (A Quaker dialogue on Embracing Complexity); MERIP (Middle East Research and Information Project) Iraq files; Victory, defeat... or negotiation? (TomPaine.Com); and From freedom fries to Marine funerals, a Southern Republican’s road to Damascus (Mother Jones). Both by Robert Dreyfuss. Germany deny Hammadi release tied to Osthoff (Independent Online, South Africa) and Germany grants reprieve to Lebanese plane hijacker (Daily Star, Lebanon).

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