Friday, December 16, 2005

[10.57 GMT] Latest on CPT captive situation and related - Fears 'unfounded' for Iraq hostage negotiator (Ekklesia, 16/12/05) and Iraq hostage negotiator is missing, source says. By Michelle Shephard (Toronto Star); Christian Peacemaker Team's Kidnapping: Who Did It? By Gene Stoltzfus (Common Dreams, via his weblog); The day Iraqis have waited for. By Zaid Salah, and Victory in Iraq? By Paul Rogers, inaugural professor of peace studies at the University of Bradford (both OpenDemocracy); The Bogus Blurring of Terrorism and Insurgency in Iraq. By Norman Solomon (Truthout) Honour prevails: McCain, Bush and torture (Idaho Mountain Express opinion); Talk about something serious (Elkhart Truth); Peace group prays for hostage’s safe return (London CPT, inc. Tim Nafziger quote, Hampstead and Highgate Express).

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