Monday, December 12, 2005


An advent reflection....

The season of Advent is one of waiting in nervous anticipation for genuine hope to be made available. For Christians the shape of that hope is known to be Jesus, the man-for-others, who gives up a throne for a crib and a crown for a cross.

It is in his most vulnerable humanity (and ours) that the truth of God is known – a truth that invites us towards, but does not force upon us, transformation and community in the midst of fragmentation and contingency.

Real Advent hope is therefore realism not fantasy, a beginning not an end. The world is broken, bruised and tortured, it tells us. And so are we. Yet what lies in and beyond the terrifying freedom of the universe and its ‘thinking reeds’ is a love which embraces and sustains more than we could ever describe, a love which is available to us without fear or favour, often in the most unlikely form. [Full article here]

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