Sunday, December 18, 2005

[16.15 GMT] Christian aid [sic] group vows to continue work in Iraq, (, Canada). And a darkly amusing exchange reported in The Montreal Gazette:
[T]he CBC reported a foreign hostages unit has been put together in Iraq to investigate the case of the western hostages.
A spokesman for the Iraqi police major crimes unit said people are giving them information and they're checking it.
The spokesman, who would only identify himself as a police captain, said this is case No. 1 right now in the major crimes unit.
"The people are giving, producing information to us," the spokesman said. "We are checking this information. We are doing our best."
"We cannot share this with the press because of the security of the hostages right now. All the information we have we are going to share directly with the Canadian Embassy," he added.
[And as he might well have added: "So could you please stop making stuff up when you hear a rumour". Ed.]

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